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October 23, 2011

i wish :XD


fetching the rumors

October 16, 2008

bemag FTW



July 28, 2008

another POW on bemag?
Damm i’m great…meh, just kidding 😀
Respect goes to Reto Bürgin for that great Fishbrain to Backside Royale.

See the Pict on Be-Mag

or here in better Quality

uuh.. sunday

July 27, 2008

:S Sadly we couldn’t film. My camera is broken and the guy who has a camera in his bag ALL the time didn’t bring it to the session wich was a shame cause Sandro brun, Jona Messerli and a lot of other Swiss OG’s came up to rock the Sarnen Skatepark. I still don’t feel better in that Xsjados 😦
I think i have to reject that sponsoring offer they gave me (not to mention that i would fell better if i don’t have to be sponsored by TheConference….suckers )

Either way here’s a garbage pict from the Saturday session. The real one is currently at the Be-mag office where they decide if i’m already cool enough to get a Shot in the Printmag (wich i don’t think i am)

Beat Schillmeier, Topsoul to Backroyale line


July 20, 2008

what a day full of hard skating. I really start to like the Xsjados and slowly feel home in them. But i still miss the VALO-feeling. Otherwise i learned a lot of new tricks.

In industry news i dare everyone of you to visit the new Rollingrock Shop it’s really cool and has a great new “Zoom” feature.


new skates

July 12, 2008

my first sponsored skates 😀