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work in progress

June 24, 2012



October 11, 2010

yes it still happens


April 10, 2009


some news

October 4, 2008

sorry for not updating Daily, but i really have a lot to do right now.
I’m just back from the Shopopening in aarau, New rollongrock shop. and a big Contest was there.
Picts soon.

in other news, a clip form the planned skatepark in Zurich leaked.
Looks a bit like too much ramps in a small place.
we’ll see

Jan Nachbur

August 8, 2008

The Big Brother of Chris Nachbur, also used to do Big tricks.
And he made 5th place at the Inlinegames in Hannover. Congrats.


July 28, 2008

another POW on bemag?
Damm i’m great…meh, just kidding 😀
Respect goes to Reto Bürgin for that great Fishbrain to Backside Royale.

See the Pict on Be-Mag

or here in better Quality

Wednesday session

July 18, 2008

We were Skating in Zurich at wednesday. At first we went to shoot a pict for Be-Mag, sadly there were too many people and Chris was really not in the mood to destroy himself in front of 500 peasants.
So he didn’t grind the Ledge. But FJ tried to Gap the Double set. Get well soon.

Later we met Lukas, Reto, Roger and C, went to the outskirts of Zurich and after sessioning some cool P-rails we re-found a nice little Rail-to-Rail spot

Cause be-mag wants to use some picts on their frontpage i have just one to present here:
Claudio Bohli did a good old fashioned Soulgrind.

new skatepark zurich

May 30, 2008

they plan a new indoor skatepark in zurich. As i heard it should open in fall 2008.
Just hope it will look better than in that strange Viz.

German news