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and another one..

July 31, 2009

that one makes more fun.
I’m gonna make a break on the weekend but i’ll gonna work on a better
studio and i’m gonna design some props.



day four

July 30, 2009

but i’m not that happy with it.


day three

July 29, 2009

idea by D.
(and Spongebob)


vote for “my” movie

July 28, 2009

well “my” is a bit much, but was a camera assistant and did the whole postproduction.
so if you like it, i would be glad if you vote for it.

thanks and enjoy

Vote for the movie

day two

July 28, 2009


“Flash” Photography

July 27, 2009

1 of 50 pictures….
damm Scrooge McFlash.



July 27, 2009

day one…

i bet i can’t make one every day….but i’m gonna try.



July 27, 2009

old but gold

July 27, 2009


July 27, 2009

when i sat in the train to meet with Lukas, Reto, Roger, Toe-bee and Hanz, i got a call by lukas.
Told me that they changed plans and goto Basel instead. As usual i fell into the “listen to lukas” trap and
got punished instantly. After some quick phones, Toe-bee, Hans and myself decided to goto biel anyway and skate the park
one last time cause the rumors about closing the park soon were strong.
Not strong enough actually. The park was already closed down and we were already looking for an emergency plan when we luckily found a,
more or less, open windows that allowed us to “enter” the park for free.
We had a quite nice sesson and did some gnarly miniramp lines. I even learned a new trick, wheeee.

goodbye Loud Minority Skatepark. Splinterfull place you were.