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new shoes

March 30, 2010

with chewing-gum flavoured soles

you can buy them at ROLLINGROCK


March 29, 2010

another 5D vid

ASCII animation from 1968

March 23, 2010

in mother russia, ASCII animates YOU.

filming in the rain

March 21, 2010

we were in Basel yesterday, sadly the rain was persistent all day.
At least we managed to shoot some testclips with the new camerasystem.
Needs a lot of practise but looks awesome.

New Cow

March 17, 2010

that time featuring Joseph Ricardo

textbook Liu Kang

March 15, 2010

Reto Bürgin

as seen on

some new photographs

March 9, 2010

as seen on bemag
Lukas Burgunder, Vertical Soul Stall

Roger Sutter, Ao Soul


some new renderings

March 5, 2010

some renderings i’m working at:

more on


March 2, 2010

our company dog



Rollingrock COW Beat Schillmeier

March 1, 2010