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Rolltogether Edit

August 26, 2009

so, finally i finished the Rolltogether Edit and here is it.
It was a nice day with a lot of rolling and fun.
And not even the many overheating issues of my camera
could stop mme to shoot around 40 minutes of useable material.
But i had to crop it down and tear it apart to fit in the duration of the song.

And i used a 2.551 crop for the first time. Came out pretty nice.
Some tech detail for the Geeks: all was shot on the RodentRig with the D90 Core, Shot on Nikkor primes (10.5mm, 24mm, 50mm, 135mm)

here’s the small vimeo version

and here the link for the download in 1280x720p24

Vimeo Link

and don’t forget to visit for reports, more edits and photos.


dolly test

August 25, 2009

a little test i did with my homemade track dolly.

there are also some small compositing problems, just ignore them.

shot on the HVX200 with the Letus adapter and nikon Primes, 50mm and 135mm.

and the full 1080p on : vimeo link


August 24, 2009

bulle edit

August 20, 2009

thanks to claudio Bohli, there is finally a bulle edit.

and to see it in the full 1080p goto
Vimeo Link

another one

August 6, 2009


claudio bohli remz leftover edit

August 6, 2009

the one from yesterday

August 5, 2009


mentalray is also cool

August 5, 2009

my first car.

Bought Model
Light and textures in Softimage, rendering in Mentalray

not finished.. too much real work

August 3, 2009



new edit finished

August 3, 2009

as time goes by i can work up some old material.
And thanks to the bad wheater yesterday i also could
finish that edit for the BZDZ DVD.

some screenshots.