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July 31, 2008

for a skateboarder 😛 nah, just kidding.. he’s great.

reminds me a lil bot of

good ole’ charlie Dunkle



July 30, 2008

the Company who brought you LOG™ and DOG WATER™
now brings you the Wayfarer Copy
To find at the Rollingrockshop

pict of the day

July 29, 2008

check the Page of Spacecoyote
he’s GREAT!


July 29, 2008

as anime.

better picts of the new RB skates

July 28, 2008

straight from bemag/msgboard






July 28, 2008

another POW on bemag?
Damm i’m great…meh, just kidding 😀
Respect goes to Reto Bürgin for that great Fishbrain to Backside Royale.

See the Pict on Be-Mag

or here in better Quality


July 28, 2008

finally a decent pict of the new RB skates leaked.
Thanks to Rollernews and a guy called Gigio.

New RB Boots

their function is more or less a “Widebody” added to a Freeskate Boot.
And i think they make another Downtown Skate as you see right down.

uuh.. sunday

July 27, 2008

:S Sadly we couldn’t film. My camera is broken and the guy who has a camera in his bag ALL the time didn’t bring it to the session wich was a shame cause Sandro brun, Jona Messerli and a lot of other Swiss OG’s came up to rock the Sarnen Skatepark. I still don’t feel better in that Xsjados 😦
I think i have to reject that sponsoring offer they gave me (not to mention that i would fell better if i don’t have to be sponsored by TheConference….suckers )

Either way here’s a garbage pict from the Saturday session. The real one is currently at the Be-mag office where they decide if i’m already cool enough to get a Shot in the Printmag (wich i don’t think i am)

Beat Schillmeier, Topsoul to Backroyale line


July 27, 2008

I woke up early to the sound of the rain. The i remind myself that my windows at the roof are still open. so i ran up and closed that biches, realizing that no rain came in anyway. But i didn’t care and fell asleep instantly again. Later i had a Photoshooting and now i’m back, try to decide what to eat. Later (the sun is out again, burning from the sky) we will hit the Sarnen Skatepark and try to get enough clips for a short Edit.

check that one

July 26, 2008